Warranty on OnePlus products

12-Month Warranty for OnePlus Devices

Authorized OnePlus phones purchased from Contrivance International Limited (CIL) or its authorized channel partners come with a limited warranty of one (1) year starting from the date of delivery. Unless otherwise specified, this warranty covers the hardware components of the Product as originally supplied and does not cover, or partially covers, software, consumable items, or accessories, even if packaged or sold together with the Product. This warranty is only redeemable within the original country or region of purchase.

The limited warranty only covers product defects caused by workmanship or build materials. To make a claim, please present your original Proof of Purchase (invoice), model and serial number of the Product.

CIL may use rebuilt, reconditioned or new parts and components when repairing any product. Alternatively, we may replace the defective product entirely with a rebuilt, reconditioned or new OnePlus product. The service might take up to 24 business days.

Please note that we offer after sales assistance only to those handsets which were sold by CIL and its authorized channel partners.

The limited warranty does not cover:
i. Defects or damage resulting from accidents, neglect, misuse or abnormal use; abnormal conditions or improper storage; exposure to liquid, moisture, dampness, sand, or dirt; unusual physical, electrical or electromechanical stress.
ii. Scratches, dents and cosmetic damage, unless caused by OnePlus.
iii. Defects or damage resulting from excessive force or use of metallic objects on the touch screen.
iv. Devices that have the serial number or the IMEI number removed, defaced, damaged, altered or made illegible.
v. Ordinary wear and tear.
vi. Defects or damage resulting from the use of the Product in conjunction or connection with accessories, products, or ancillary/peripheral equipment not furnished or approved by OnePlus.
vii. Any physical feature defects or damage resulting from improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, service, or adjustment not furnished or approved by OnePlus.
viii. Defects or damage resulting from external causes such as collision with an object, fire, flooding, dirt, windstorm, lightning, earthquake, exposure to weather conditions, theft, blown fuse, or improper use of any electrical source.
ix. Defects or damage resulting from cellular signal reception or transmission, or viruses and other software problems introduced into the Product.
x. Products not purchased from CIL or its authorized channels.

Return Policy
Once purchased, OnePlus mobiles cannot be returned. If there is any manufacturing defects, it will fall under the warranty policy mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What isn’t covered by the warranty?
– Purchases from unauthorized resellers
– Improperly operated devices
– Lost or stolen products
– Purchases made over 12 or 18 months ago (unless otherwise stated)
– Non quality-related issues (after 30 days of purchase)
– Free products

When does the warranty begin?
It begins the day you place your order.

How do I claim the warranty?
Before submitting a warranty claim, please refer to the specific FAQs for your product and attempt all troubleshooting suggestions.

If you believe the item is defective and under warranty, please submit a Return or Exchange request on the product’s support page, or contact us at enquire@contrivance-bd.com.

What is a valid proof of purchase?
A dated sales receipt from an authorized Reseller that shows a description of the product along with its price

What if I don’t have any proof of purchase?
– If you made your purchase through an authorized Reseller, you may contact the Reseller to see if they can provide a copy of your receipt.
– If you have registered on our website, we may be able to locate your order using your email address, name or shipping address.
– If the product was a gift, you may ask the giver to provide you with a copy of the receipt or claim the warranty on your behalf.

Will the warranty be renewed if my product is replaced?
The warranty continues from the date of your original purchase. It won’t be renewed after a replacement has been provided.

Who are authorized Retailers and Resellers?
Our major authorized Retailers and Resellers are are located nationawide. Please visit ‘Where to Buy” section for an updated list. Alternatively please contact us at enquire@contrivance-bd.com.