About Contrivance

We are not just another Device Importer, we live for our customers.

We operate with an extremely simple business model – delivering the best customer experience at the lowest price. In practical terms, this means connecting the five dots (see below) together in a way that allows us to be the simplest to operate, do business with and get service from. Connecting the dots means our customers enjoy the lowest price for genuine products imported in compliant way and the best after sales service if they ever need to visit us.

It has been found that the consumers of Bangladesh prefer to use those foreign branded products that have gained market popularity.


Bangladeshi consumers are not brand loyal to foreign products because they like to experiment with new foreign products since they find it fun and also have a curiosity to know about new things available in the marketplace.

Establishing as Global Brand

Infrastructure & Distributions

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Best Official Price Guarantee

Consistent Marketing

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