Is OnePlus Officially Available in Bangladesh?


Has OnePlus made its official mark in Bangladesh yet? That question is buzzing around; we are here to dig into it.

OnePlus is known for its cutting-edge tech and sleek smartphones. It has captured attention worldwide. But the big question remains: has it officially landed in Bangladesh, or is it still playing hide-and-seek through unofficial channels?

Join us as we guide you through the OnePlus rumor. We will explore its global journey, market vibes, and possibilities. Get ready for a journey into the OnePlus world to uncover whether it is officially in Bangladesh or hanging out under the radar.

How OnePlus Started Its Journey?

OnePlus began in 2013, founded by Pete Lau and Carl Pei, aiming to offer top-notch phones at competitive prices. They launched their first smartphone, the OnePlus One, in 2014.

What Makes OnePlus Stand Out

OnePlus phones are praised for high performance, innovative features, and user-friendly designs. They have expanded to offer phones and accessories like earphones, TVs, and wearables.

OnePlus Around the World

Initially, OnePlus targeted specific markets. They focused on online sales and partnerships with carriers. Despite the popularity, availability varied due to logistics and regulations in different countries.

Where OnePlus Stands Today

OnePlus holds a strong position in mid-to-high-range smartphones. Their unique marketing, community engagement, and constant improvements in devices have built a loyal fanbase. Now, you can use OnePlus official phones at authorized Contrivance shops in Bangladesh.

How OnePlus Expanded Their Market?

OnePlus has expanded its reach across many countries and markets like the US, Europe, India, and various parts of Asia. Smart collaborations and calculated steps fuel their strategic expansions. 

OnePlus enters new markets through strategic partnerships with local telecom providers for smooth market entry. Additionally, the brand leverages e-commerce platforms and official websites for direct sales. It ensures wider accessibility.

OnePlus maintains consistency in its global launch cycles. It is ensuring the availability of new devices across different markets to sustain competitiveness.

The brand’s diverse strategies have made OnePlus devices accessible to customers across different regions.

What Is the Availability of OnePlus in Bangladesh?

OnePlus is a renowned smartphone brand globally acknowledged for its cutting-edge technology and remarkable devices. It has established its presence in Bangladesh with authorized stores by ensuring accessibility and authenticity for consumers. The availability of OnePlus phones in Bangladesh is facilitated through the authorized distributor of OnePlus products in the country. Let’s explore the current status and other channels.

Current Status

OnePlus smartphones are available in Bangladesh through authorized stores and distributors. Contrivance Distributions is the authorized distributor for OnePlus in the country. It offers multiple official showrooms across various cities.

Retail Channels and Unofficial Sources

Various unofficial retail channels or online marketplaces occasionally list OnePlus smartphones for sale in Bangladesh. These devices often arrive through unofficial imports, bypassing official distribution networks. This unofficially purchased product does not have any warranty.

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What are the Benefits of Buying from Authorized OnePlus Stores?

When you purchase your OnePlus devices from authorized stores like Contrivance Distributions in Bangladesh, you unlock several advantages that make your buying experience smoother and more reliable.

Genuine Products Guaranteed

Authorized OnePlus stores ensure that every product sold is genuine. This means you won’t worry about getting fake devices or accessories.

Full Warranty Coverage

Buying from authorized stores gives you a one-year warranty on OnePlus phones. This warranty covers manufacturing defects. If any issues arrive during this time, you can get repairs or replacements from official service centers.

Dedicated Technical Support

Authorized distributors like Contrivance Distributions offer specialized technical support for OnePlus products. They have you covered if you need help with troubleshooting or have technical questions about your OnePlus device.

Wide Product Range

Authorized stores offer a diverse selection of OnePlus devices, including the latest smartphones, tablets, and accessories. This variety ensures you can find the perfect match for your needs.

Special Deals 

Authorized providers offer competitive prices on OnePlus gadgets. Plus, they often roll out special offers, discounts, or bundled deals on smartphones and accessories, making your purchase even more worthwhile.

Choosing an authorized OnePlus store in Bangladesh guarantees genuine products, warranties, technical support, diverse product options, and good prices. It all adds up to a stress-free and valuable OnePlus shopping experience!

How You Can Ensure Authentic OnePlus Purchases?

When getting a OnePlus phone in Bangladesh, ensure it is the real deal. Here is an easy checklist to ensure you are buying an authentic OnePlus device:

Check the Packaging

Authentic OnePlus phones have unique packaging. Look for the official OnePlus box with all the necessary documents, like user manuals and warranty cards.

Spot the OnePlus Logo

Every genuine OnePlus phone proudly displays the OnePlus logo. Check the phone’s back or front to confirm the logo’s presence.

Verify the Serial Number

Each OnePlus phone has a unique serial number. Before buying, verify this number. You can do this on the official OnePlus website to confirm its authenticity.

Buy from Authorized Sellers

Always buy your OnePlus phone from authorized sellers like Contrivance Distributions. They ensure genuine products with warranties and proper after-sales services.

Inspect the Phone

Take a close look at the phone. Genuine OnePlus devices are known for their high-quality build. Any irregularities in materials or design might indicate a fake.

Do Your Research

Read reviews and user experiences online. This will give you an idea about the device’s authenticity and performance.

Check for Warranty Details

Make sure the seller provides a valid warranty card. OnePlus phones from authorized stores come with a one-year warranty for service and repairs.

Review Your Purchase Receipt

Go through your purchase receipt after buying. Ensure it matches the OnePlus model you bought, with the correct serial number and other details.


OnePlus rocks the smartphone world globally, and it is officially in Bangladesh. OnePlus Bangladesh is easily accessible via authorized outlets managed by Contrivance Distributions. Buying from these authorized stores ensures authenticity, backed by a one-year warranty and accessible service centers for technical support. 

Always verify authenticity by checking for the OnePlus logo, packaging details, and the serial number. For a genuine OnePlus experience in Bangladesh, choose authorized outlets always. 

You will get authentic products and enjoy reliable warranties, tech support, and a diverse range of OnePlus products. Shop confidently for the OnePlus assurance in Bangladesh!


Is OnePlus officially Available in Bangladesh?

Yes, OnePlus is officially available in Bangladesh through authorized distributors and multiple official showrooms across various cities. Contrivance Distributions distributes the official OnePlus shops in Bangladesh.

Is OnePlus a Good Phone?

Yes! OnePlus phones are great! They are known for their top-notch performance, smooth software, cool design, and reasonable prices. With high-end features, they are a popular choice for many people looking for reliable and powerful smartphones.

Where Do I Get Warranty Repairs or Support for My OnePlus Phone in Bangladesh?

Visit Contrivance Distributions’ service centers across Bangladesh for warranty repairs or technical support. Their locations and contact details are available on their website for assistance.