through your lens

OnePlus Bangladesh Photography Competition 2022


1. Deadline:
November 15th, 2022 – 11:59pm (GMT +6)
2. Awards and Prizes:
Top 5 submissions will be selected for the “People’s Choice Award”.
The winning photograph to receive a FREE OnePlus Band. 

All winners (top 5 selected) will win the title of “OnePlus Photography Expert” and have the opportunity to work with OnePlus in the future.


3. Who is eligible to participate in the OnePlus Bangladesh Photography Competition 2022?

The smartphone users who have full capacity for civil conduct as stipulated by laws and regulations in the country or region where they live.


4. Competition categories: Main Categories

1. The Moment: Capture special and memorable moments.


5.How can I participate in the Awards?

1. Method 1: Contestants can submit your entries through the official website of the OnePlus Bangladesh Photography Competition 2022 at https://www.contrivance-bd.com. The title of the corresponding entry (within 10 words) and the story of the entry (within 50 words) must be provided.

2. Method 2: Contestants can post their entries under the comments section on our posts and use hashtag #ThroughYourLens , #OnePlusPhotoCompetition and #ShotonOnePlus to participate in the Awards. If you submit your entries on social media, you need to indicate the the title of the entries (10 words or less) and the description of the entries (50 words or less). Please send each entry separately, one comment corresponds to one photo and accompanying text.



* Please upload your entries in time for the submission date. After the submission deadline, no uploads or modifications will be accepted.

* You cannot delete your entries on social media platform until December 1st, 2022.

* Contestants who enter the competition, the copyright of the entries belongs to the original author, who authorizes OnePlus Bangladesh social media, official website and other channels to display the entries.


6. Do I have to shoot my works by using OnePlus smartphone?

All the entries in the OnePlus Bangladesh Photography Competition 2022 shall be shot using smartphones, but it is not mandatory to use OnePlus smartphones, without any limit to the photography time and the brand and model of the smartphone.

7. What are the specifications for the entries?

1. The entries are only expected to be processed on the smartphones (the third-party software installed on the smartphone is acceptable as well).

2. The entries are only in the JPG format. The short side of each photo shall be no less than 1000 pixels and the size of a single photo shall be no more than 20 megabytes.


8. Is there any upper limit to the number of my entries?

1. You can participate by either posting on our website, through social media or both. 

2. Official Website: you can submit up to 6 entries. Any submission after your 6th shall be automatically disregarded. 

3. Social Media Group: there is no limit to the number of entries. Please only post one submission per comment. 


9. What should I do if my entries fail to be uploaded?

You can submit your entries on social media if you have any problems with uploading the entries on the official website (www.contrivance-bd.com).


10. Judging
1. A jury pool of professional and advanced photographers to choose top 5 submissions from our website and social media submissions combined. 

2. A voting will take place, among the top 5 submissions, on the Official OnePlus Bangladesh Facebook page to announce the “People’s Choice Award”.  

3. Winner of the “People’s Choice Award” to receive a FREE OnePlus Band. 

4. All 5 submissions to receive “OnePlus Photography Expert” award. 


11. Contestants represent and warrant that

1. The Photographs are original and that they own the rights to their Photographs,

2. The Photographs do not violate the rights of any third party,

3. The Photographs do not convey a false or misleading impression,

4. Any additional information they submit about the Photographs is accurate.

5. The photos submitted by the contestant should be the initial submission. That is, this work (including but not limited to the original version, the edited derivative work and etc..) shall not be used before to participate in any photography-related public or non-public competitions, events and/or exhibitions.


12. Result Announcement

1. The results will be announced on December 1st, 2022. On official OnePlus Bangladesh Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/OnePlus.Official.BD).